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At Daniels Equipment Company, we have a commitment to excellence that has defined our journey since 1973. When you place a service call with Daniels, you’re not just dialing a number; you’re initiating a response from a team that’s recognized nationally for its professionalism and skill. Our technicians aren’t just workers; they’re craftsmen, equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to deliver timely and effective solutions.

Our goal is ambitious yet simple: to reach your facility in the shortest time possible once a service call is placed. This swift response is made possible by our extensive fleet of over 15 fully stocked vehicles. The secret to our timeliness lies not just in our fleet, but in the heart of our strategy: many of Daniels Equipment Company’s technicians reside within their service territories. This local presence reduces travel time, which not only increases savings for our customers but also improves our already notable response times. At Daniels, timeliness is more than a goal—it’s a reflection of our dedication.

We are committed to ensuring that every interaction with Daniels Equipment Company is marked by quality, reliability, and an unwavering dedication to your success. This is not just our mission; it’s our promise to you.

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Planned Maintenance Agreement

At Daniels Equipment Company, we understand that regular, thorough maintenance is crucial for the efficiency and longevity of your commercial laundry operations. Our Planned Maintenance Agreements (PMAs) are designed to provide a proactive approach to equipment management, ensuring that your laundry systems continue to operate smoothly and efficiently.

Investing in a Planned Maintenance Agreement with Daniels Equipment Company ensures your laundry operations run efficiently and your equipment stays in prime condition. Contact us today to explore how a Planned Maintenance Agreement can support the success of your business.

Customizable Solutions

We offer customizable PMAs tailored to meet the specific needs and budgets of different facilities. Whether it’s for a compact laundromat or extensive laundry operations in a large hotel or hospital, we provide maintenance solutions that align with your operational requirements.

Regular Safety Checks

Our agreements include routine machine safety inspections and adjustments to ensure optimal performance and compliance with safety standards. This regular maintenance routine helps identify and address potential issues early, avoiding unexpected breakdowns and expensive repairs.

Factory-Trained Technicians

Maintenance is performed by our experienced, factory-trained technicians. They bring a wealth of knowledge and a comprehensive checklist to each service call, conducting precision tests and adjustments to ensure your equipment is operating at its best.

Comprehensive Evaluations

Each PMA visit entails a thorough evaluation of your equipment. Technicians provide detailed reports summarizing the service performed and recommend any necessary actions, enabling informed decisions about your laundry operations.

Scheduled Convenience

We organize maintenance visits at times that suit your schedule, minimizing disruption to your business. Planned visits allow for better resource allocation and help avoid the downtime associated with unexpected equipment failures.

Additional Benefits

Customers with PMAs receive priority service, preferential rates on parts and labor, and the assurance that their laundry operations are being looked after by experts.

Elevate Your Team

Complimentary Service Schools

Empower your team with knowledge and skills at Daniels Equipment Company’s Service Schools. We offer comprehensive, free one-day seminars designed to enhance your understanding and management of laundry equipment. These classes are a testament to our commitment to customer education and satisfaction.

During these seminars, attendees receive hands-on training, ensuring they leave with a practical understanding of how to properly operate and maintain their laundry equipment. The classes are structured to provide an in-depth look at installation, maintenance, and diagnostic techniques, giving participants a comprehensive view of how to manage their laundry operations effectively.

In addition to the technical learning, our Service Schools offer a valuable opportunity for attendees to network with fellow industry professionals. This setting allows for the exchange of experiences and best practices, fostering a community of well-informed and skilled laundry operators.

Benefits of a PMA

Increased productivity
Increased longevity of equipment
service by trained personnel
Less breakdowns
safety review
minor adjustments
pre-scheduled maintenance

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