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About Us

Our Heritage

Founded in 1973, Daniels Equipment Company has established itself as a cornerstone in the commercial and coin-operated laundry equipment industry throughout New England. Renowned for our commitment to quality and efficiency, we provide indispensable laundry solutions to a diverse clientele, ranging from laundromat owners to large commercial facilities. Our dedication to excellence is demonstrated through the meticulous maintenance of over 5,000 washers and 12,000 dryers, ensuring our clients receive unparalleled service and operational dependability.

We are more than just a supplier; we are innovators and leaders in the field. Daniels Equipment Company has been consistently recognized for our commitment to advancing laundry technology and implementing energy-efficient designs. Our accolades include numerous awards for sales, service, and outstanding achievement, reflecting our leading position in the industry.

We pride ourselves on offering a unique blend of expertise, from state-of-the-art equipment to a vast selection of spare parts, all backed by comprehensive technical support. Our value-added packages are specifically designed to meet and exceed the needs of our customers, establishing Daniels as your go-to supplier for all laundry requirements.


Our Mission

At Daniels Equipment Company, our mission goes beyond supplying products; we aim to forge lasting relationships with our customers, guiding and supporting them at every step of their journey. We understand the critical nature of our services to your operations, which is why we respond promptly and efficiently to every call, backed by the nation’s most skilled and professional technicians.

Our objective is clear: to minimize downtime and maximize efficiency by reaching facilities as quickly as possible after a service call is made. Our extensive fleet of over 20 fully stocked service vehicles is a testament to this commitment, constantly navigating the roads and highways of New England to meet your needs.

Our family at Daniels is deeply dedicated to surpassing customer expectations, not just meeting them. This dedication is woven into the very fabric of our company’s ethos, driving us to continually improve, innovate, and lead with a customer-first approach. Our history and longstanding commitment to the industry stand as a testament to our mission: to provide unparalleled service and solutions that ensure the success and satisfaction of every Daniels Equipment Company client.

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