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The largest energy consumers in the laundry are the hot water heater and the drying tumbler. Energy is about 15% of the cost to operate your laundry. But there are some simple methods for reducing energy consumption. Water heating expenses can be cut simply by reducing the water temperature with temperature controlled fills.

However, the greatest energy consumption improvements can be found in decreasing drying time. Drying tumblers account for nearly 70% of all energy consumption in the laundry. Managers must venture beyond manufacturers' rhetoric to find tumblers with designs that balance heat, tumble action and airflow. Drying efficiency is best delivered through this balance. Design features such as tighter tolerances, which force hot air through linens, versus around them, reduce drying times. Fast drying times and lower Btu consumption save energy.

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Take a moment and step into the world of high tech product engineering, where UniMac commercial dryers are designed with innovative features that command top performance, and durable steel construction that will stand the test of time. At UniMac, commercial dryers are considered more than just laundry equipment. They are key players in the success of commercial laundry facilities and as such must continuously achieve high levels of efficiency, quality and durability. UniMac has always maintained a standard of excellence in dryer manufacturing that is recognized around the world. With over 60 years of engineering expertise, you can be assured that you are getting the best commercial dryers on the market that will meet your needs now and in the future.


OPTidry™ over-dry prevention technology can help alleviate the increased utility costs and labor expenses associated with over-drying. Using an industry-exclusive, cutting-edge innovation that connects sensors located within the lifters, OPTidry automatically stops the tumbler once the ideal level of dryness is reached. The result is unmatched levels of accuracy, reduced drying time per load and a better return on investment.

In fact, in a recent survey of commercial laundry distributors and commercial laundry managers, 79 percent of respondents believed on-premises laundries over-dry by more than eight minutes per cycle.

Along with the utility and labor savings, OPTidry extends the life of your linens. According to the results of a study in our industry-leading test lab, linens experience 31 PERCENT LESS FIBER LOSS when over-drying is eliminated.

The UniMac difference

OPTidry is just one of the serious laundry technologies that UniMac offers. As a leading manufacturer of commercial laundry equipment, UniMac has been recognized worldwide for our advancements in technology and innovative products. In fact, no other company produces, sells, and delivers more dedicated support for commercial washers and dryers in North America. Our products are consistently recognized for their durability, easy-to-use features, efficient performance and lowest cost of ownership

See the video demonstration of how UniMac OPTidry technology can help eliminate additional utility and labor costs.

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